About EST Metal: A Trusted Authority in Precision Titanium Manufacturing
 A Legacy of Expertise
With a seasoned focus on crafting top-tier Titanium materials, EST Metal has established itself as a revered name in the industry. Boasting years of experience, our commitment to excellence is unwavering, making us the go-to manufacturer for discerning clients worldwide.
Industry-Centric Product Portfolio
EST Metal takes pride in being the cornerstone of Titanium solutions, offering an extensive array of superior products. From Titanium Bolts, Wire, Bars, Plates, Foil, Pipe, CNC Parts, Outdoors, to Forging Parts and Refractory Metal, our offerings span the gamut of industry needs. Whether it's intricate machining or specialized services, we provide end-to-end solutions—from raw materials to meticulously finished products.
Uncompromising Quality Assurance
At the heart of EST Metal's success lies an unyielding commitment to quality. Our products adhere to the most rigorous standards, including GB/T, GJB, ISO, AMS, ASTM, DIN, ISO9001, EN 10204 3.1, and SGS guidelines. We cater to a global clientele, earning accolades for precision and reliability across industries such as aviation, medical services, chemical industry, welding, racing, and outdoors.
Cutting-Edge Manufacturing Excellence
Equipped with advanced facilities—slip drawing machines, rolling machines, CNC machines, and more—EST Metal stands as a paragon of technological prowess. Our capabilities cover everything from mixing to production, ensuring that every product meets the highest standards of craftsmanship.
Tailored Solutions for Unique Needs
Beyond standard offerings, EST Metal excels in delivering bespoke Titanium products based on customer drawings or samples. Our rigorous quality control measures, coupled with unmatched technical support, guarantee a seamless manufacturing process from custom parts to final delivery.
Operate on Principles, Deliver with Trust
EST Metal operates on a foundation of principles—high quality, transparent pricing, honesty, and unwavering trustworthiness. Clients' needs form the crux of our operations, as we strive to exceed expectations by delivering top-notch quality, meeting tight delivery timelines, and accommodating even the most demanding specifications.
In Conclusion: Your Trusted Manufacturing Partner
At EST Metal, trust is not just a word; it's a cornerstone of our legacy. As a seasoned manufacturer, we invite you to forge a partnership based on mutual trust and precision. Our commitment to a "Win-Win Situation" ensures your success, and we eagerly anticipate your inquiries to shape a prosperous future together. Experience the assurance of precision Titanium manufacturing with EST Metal.